The Individual

Lillian Liu is a young, multi-faceted, and versatile artist specializing in:

classical piano performance, photography, retouching, music education, and modeling.  

 image (c) Laura Sheridan

image (c) Laura Sheridan



Lillian Liu is a young classical and multi-genre pianist who has performed on stages in North America and in Europe, from the modernist Chan Center of Performing Arts in Vancouver, to the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall in London. She has obtained her Master's degree in classical piano performance at the Royal College of Music in the United Kingdom, which she entered after graduating from the University of British Columbia in performance and the Vancouver Academy of Music.  Lillian also holds an ARCT diploma for performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has been under the tutelage of esteemed musicians such as Nigel Clayton, Corey Hamm, Lorraine Ambrose, Connie Shih (protégé  of Claude Frank, himself a protégé of Arthur Schnabel), Patricia Shih, Anne Shih (protégé of Joseph Gingold), Nikita Pogrebnoy, Edna Stern (protégé of Martha Argerich and Krystian Zimerman), and Taras Gabora.  
Dedicated not only to performance but also to music education, Lillian is on faculty at the Vancouver Academy of Music, Semiahmoo Academy of Music for both piano and violin, and the Langley Community School of Music.  Trained in pedagogy by Alice Enns, she has also worked in environments with children for early music education outside of her respective institutions, such as the Redbridge Music Service in London. 
Lillian has experienced success in her activities within music festivals and education-  examples being the recipient of the Mildred Johnson Scholarship in Music, performing in the Casalmaggiore Music Festival, the Phyllis E. Salter Competition- and most recently, in the 2018 Canadian Music Competition as a winner of her category.  She has also adjudicated in competition panels, such as the Kay Meek Competition.  
Apart from her regular studies, Lillian has performed for the Concordia Foundation, and was also a pianist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital working as part of CW+'s "Memory Lane" project, which reaches over 5000 patients a year and reinforces the  importance of art in cognitive healing.  She is also an enthusiastic collaborator with modern composers who utilize unconventional techniques- such as with acclaimed electroacoustic composer Nicola Monopoli in creating ring modulated piano soundscapes- and does not limit her collaborative work to classical music, having experience as both a film pit orchestra musician, and in recording piano sections for multiple metal projects.  Recent metal releases featuring Lillian include Tchornobog (2017), and Akheth's first single "The Asylum" featuring Mark Janson of Epica (2018).  

Lillian has also studied Alexander Technique under the tutelage of Peter Buckoke.   

Lillian is an agency-represented (Werewolf), published creative photographer and digital artist.  Often traveling, arranging international collaborations, and styling her own artistic concepts, she has worked on independent projects in over 18 global cities- with teams consisting of talents from North America and Europe.  
Features and publications as a photographer and occasional model include: Marie Claire Taiwan (Webtorial), Vogue Taiwan (Print), Fae Magazine, Huf, PhotoVogue Italia, Feroce, Gazelle, Ellements, Dreamingless, Elegant, Surreal Beauty, Art of Portrait, Gilded, Phantasm, Unfolded, Dark Beauty, Pump, Obscurae, Giuseppina, Gothic and Amazing, Gothesque, and many more.

Lillian's work has also been showcased in galleries, and her latest exhibition on gender in the Far-East is in China within the cultural institution gallery established by Dongguan Finding Cultural Communications Co. for their large-scale exhibition area titled Finding Arts Space established in 2015.   Lillian's visual capability in directing, model-instruction, post-processing, and styling has enabled her to obtain sponsors and work with numerous iconic creatives from around the globe. 

On the side, she has indexed and worked on the RCM Museum of Music's database of historical items, in the company of surviving period instruments as old as the 15th century.  Mostly though, she watches horror movies, plays dressup with armour, creeps r/nosleep,  waits for the next Steam wishlist sale, read, and plays too many RPGs. 

To support Lillian or to gain access to tutorials, lessons, and more, please visit her Patreon page at  

Master list of brands or wearable designers that Lillian has photographed: 

  • Hogan Mclaughlin

  • Divamp Couture

  • Agnieszka Osipa

  • Linda Friesen

  • Firefly Path

  • Hysteria Machine

  • Marianna Harutunian

  • Royal Black Couture

  • Fairytas

  • Lory Sun Artistry

  • JoFleming Design

  • Jeff Garner

  • Xue Liang

  • Creature of Habit

  • Elysian Fantasy Artistry

  • Jonathan Harris

  • Syban

  • One Delirious Dream (O.D.D.)

  • Creations by Liv Free

  • A Mon Seul Desir

  • Magnus van Soest

  • Sanctus

  • Avalon Saez

  • Rawrags

  • House Gallery Boutique

  • Magdalene Celeste

  • Wolinska

  • Daria Volokhova

  • Jumeria Nox

  • Nigel Crow

  • Pioro Blue

  • Brandon Bron Bermudez

  • Fraise Au Loup

  • Freckles Fairy Chest

  • El Costuro Real

  • Shrine of Hollywood

  • The Rogue + Wolf

  • Vincent Cantillon

  • Alice Corsets

  • Alchemy Gothic

  • Squirrel vs. Coyote

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